“I thought organizations were a good bit more complex than an org chart showed. I’m realizing that organizations are far more complex than I had estimated. Sobol makes it easy for my clients to visualize their complete organization. When they do, they immediately spot where they need to focus their time and energy in ways that were impossible to see before.”
Travis Marsh
Founder, Human First Works | Author, Lead Together

Work is becoming increasingly remote, decentralized, and fluid.

In the Future of Work, people are more than titles. People have (multiple) Roles in an organization as part of multiple Teams. With Sobol, you can visualize and edit all the Teams and Roles (what people are actually doing) in your organization seamlessly.

Goal setting is much more than “OKR software”.

Sobol seamlessly connects an organization’s Teams, Users, and Goals.
Aligned teams have a clear map of accountabilities.

Sign agreements, work effectively, avoid unnecessary conflict.

Sobol makes drafting and facilitating agreements simple – between Team members and across different Teams.
Use agreements to get clear on your team's handbook, form a service level agreement between teams, or anything else that gives you the clarity needed to operate efficiently.

Organizations that update in real time.

Start discussions, make decisions, give sentiment – all with context.

Sobol automatically logs changes so you can see where your organization is thriving – and where it’s not.

Ready to step into the Future of Work?

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