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Onboarding teams to Sobol is intuitive and seamless. UI & UX prioritization, deep search functionality, programmable notifications, legacy software integration, and mobile friendliness are core elements of Sobol’s accessibility.


Positions, hierarchies, responsibilities, and relationships are far more nuanced than a simple organization chart can depict. Sobol allows all these nuances to be captured by visualizing companies sustainably with robust role profiles, allocations, and visualizations.

The result is an organization of any size where information is accessible and transparent to all employees, empowering them to execute with confidence.


As companies scale, employee accountability becomes harder to maintain, leading to projects faltering and stagnating. Sobol encourages employees to establish clear responsibilities, deliverables, and timelines by integrating novel accountability metrics and tracking capabilities.


Applying similar, formulaic management techniques to different projects can get the job done, but the reality is that each employee works differently. Sobol provides the freedom to work flexibly to get the job done most efficiently by allowing employees to place themselves, their projects, and their work allocation exactly where they belong in the company without sacrificing detail.

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Our Story

Sobol was built out of a need that emerged alongside the growth of ConsenSys, a venture production studio building platforms and dapps on the Ethereum blockchain. From its inception, ConsenSys strived to behave more like an organism than a corporation. Something more inclined towards organic evolution, change, and fluidity rather than rigid structure and incumbent philosophy.

And Sobol was born.

Since our launch, we have helped ConsenSys scale from 200 to 1000+ employees, all while maintaining decentralization, agility, and self-organization among and between employees, teams, and projects. With experimentation as our core philosophy and radical agility as our core goal, we structured Sobol to be as flexible and iterable as we empowered ConsenSys to be. We will continue to evolve alongside ConsenSys, responding to and predicting its needs as it continues to grow. See what Sobol looks like at ConsenSys.

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