Why I love the Cybertruck

“Why are people in love with the status quo?” I asked my brother, referring to negative internet sentiment around Tesla’s futuristic looking vehicle. “I don’t understand why people are so connected to what is as opposed to what could be.”

Actually, I’ve had some thoughts about this over the last few years. These reflections occur when I pour through my mind, asking myself, “Why do I believe this?” or “Is this actually true or is it a feeling?”

I’ve come to recognize many uncomfortable truths. Many of my beliefs, right or wrong, can be traced to what I learned in public school. Many of my beliefs, right or wrong, can be traced to my brain’s desire to believe “experts” even though “experts” seem to be wrong as often as the rest of us. (Especially the “experts” who have predicted Tesla’s demise and believe the Cybertruck won’t sell well. Note: Elon tweeted that within a few days there were 200,000 pre-orders. The “experts” are already wrong.) Most dangerously, many of my beliefs defaulted to the idea that the status quo is the status quo because it is the best way of doing something.

I know, naive. But I believe most people default to this type of thinking. They don’t reasonably assume the status quo is the status quo because it benefited the person or group of people who forced the status quo into being. Or something is the status quo because of technology limitations from sixty years ago. Or something is the status quo because an “economist” used a ridiculously small data set to falsely extrapolate how the world works.

It is about time the future started to look different. People love to complain about all the “broken systems,” but show them something outside the status quo, like crypto, and they reactively push back.

People love to complain about Facebook, but don’t want to put skin in the game and delete the damn thing. The status quo is comfortable, even if it’s destructive.

At Sobol, we’re building software to facilitate new paradigms in how people think about organizing and working together. We’re building the Cybertruck of work. It isn’t like all the old model. It doesn’t look the same. It might make you feel uncomfortable at first. But, when you realize it’s better, safer, more efficient, you wonder why everybody doesn’t get onboard.

Sobol is the future, starting to look different.

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