What is the Future of Work Hub?

The Sobol mission is to accelerate the business transition to decentralized and humanistic work. We view decentralized and humanistic work as “The Future of Work.” 

Since the phrase “The Future of Work” has many different meanings, we’ve been building a Future of Work Hub to share our thoughts on the subject. Our belief is that the Future of Work boils down to this phrase: Teams (with a Capital ‘T’) are the Future of Work.

Most startups innately understand this concept. Members of a startup Team work together to get a business off the ground. This ‘start-up feeling’ exists because the start-up is a Team. As the organization grows, the Team trends toward becoming a team (as employees compete with one another) and morale suffers as a result. We believe Teams can stay Teams as the company grows, it just takes conscious effort and the ability to ignore the status quo. 

Let us know your thoughts on the Future of Work Hub at our Twitter handle: @teamsobol

We look forward to the discussions.

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