It’s Time to End the Org-chart (Part 2)

We’re not the only people who see the writing on the wall and think org-charts will go the way of Exxon Mobil (which not too long ago was the most valuable company in the world).

Check out this tweetstorm from Chris Herd, which he wrote after interviewing companies about their “Future of Work.”:

Yes, we couldn’t agree more. Managers are unnecessary, mentors and facilitators are invaluable. 

As we’ve admitted, Org-charts are great for high ego individuals and organizations who love “having reports”, “being a manager”, and “displaying a title.” That’s why we enjoyed this Tweet from Richard Feynman:

We’ll venture a guess that the vast majority of individuals who move from an Org-Chart based business (Titles) to a Team-based business (Roles) will suddenly enjoy not (passively) competing with their co-workers for “titles.”

Even the “managers” and “executives” of the world will likely breathe a sigh of fresh air not having to worry about navigating numerous aspects of corporatism. This Tweet is from a guy on the internet named James Marsh. We’ll end this post with his words:

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