It's Time to End the Org-chart (Part 1)

We don’t know how else to say it: Org-charts (Organizational Charts) are dumb, out-dated, and don’t provide any essential data needed to actually run an organization. Org-charts are great for high ego individuals and organizations who love “having reports”, “being a manager”, and “displaying a title.” We believe the TikTok generation is going to have very little patience for middle-management and corporate bureaucracy. We believe org structures in ten years will look very different from the “org-charts” of today. We know role-based/ self-managed Team structures have outsized results. OKRs destroy morale, role-based accountabilities build it up. Nothing we are saying is new. Read Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux or the myriad HBS case studies on the effectiveness of self-managed Teams. Decentralization is inevitable, and this applies to companies as well. Reach out to us on Twitter @TeamSobol to continue the discussion. We’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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