Multiple Views

Circles, Tables, Node Explorer, Map, and Directory – Visualize your organization in many ways.

Flexible Goal Setting

OKRs, KPIs, Kanban – Build, track, and collaborate on Goals the way you want (we provide the tooling without the dogma)

Multiple Roles

You are more than a title. Create as many roles (what you actually do) as you need, and allocate your time between each role.

Robust Search

Find whatever you need with ease – no matter if it’s a user, Team, goal, role , or agreement.

Team Profiles

Your Team is unique. Build a profile to share what your Team does and how it operates.

User Profiles

You are unique. Build a profile to help your Teammates get to know you – especially important if you work remotely.


Codify how you work. Draft, discuss, and sign agreements in Sobol – between Users and across Teams.

Threaded Discussions

Keep meeting notes, debate topics, and have transparent conversations about whatever you want.

Decision Tracking

Keep track of all your decisions easily in the Sobol Activity feed.


Quickly give feedback on objects in Sobol. Keep track of and action against feedback given to you and your Team.

Custom Fields & Templates

Sobol is built for your unique way of working. Change just about everything with multiple custom field types and templates.

Change Logging

Sobol keeps track of all changes in your organization. No more confusion about who did what, when.


Easily switch between multiple Sobol organizations with the same login information.


Get notified about changes to Teams you choose to follow and choose how often you receive those notifications.

Public View

Display your Sobol circles view to the public. Select the information to showcase and easily share with a custom link or website embed code.

Open API

Integrate Sobol with any of your apps – our API is built for ease of use.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our Enterprise Plan supports SAML compliant SSO methods like OKTA, Azure, and OneLogin

User Provisioning Automation

Our Enterprise Plan supports SCIM compliant provisioning / deprovisioning methods.

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