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Map blocks

The building blocks of accountability.

People and teams feature, Sobol.io
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People & Teams

In Sobol, these are the primary building blocks that connect your Organization. If something doesn't connect to a person or team, it's likely not a sustainable form of accountability.
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Roles map the numerous hats we each wear and the ways we commit to bring forward our skills and passions in the organization (aka what people actually do at work). Sobol makes it easy to express all the roles people play in an organization.
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Strategic Drivers

Call them whatever you desire -- Strategic pillars, goals, KPIs, OKRs, initiatives, or 'rocks'. Sobol's goals and metrics elegantly and intuitively display a Team's drive towards its purpose and mission.
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Codify how you work. Draft, discuss, and sign agreements in Sobol - between Users and across Teams. Transparently understand who is in agreement and when.

Graph the network. Get Aligned.

Structural relationships feature. Sobol.io features page

Structural Relationships

Your structure is much more than 'who reports to who'. Sobol seamlessly maps the connections between Teams, the roles that support them, and the people who energize them.
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Strategic Alignment

Goals knit an organization together and break down silos when they're connected across Teams. In Sobol, goals relate to one another (top-down or bottom-up), making it clear how People, Roles, and Teams support one another on a shared journey of success.
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Working Relationships

Sobol defines and captures many types of working relationships as they emerge. Get stakeholders to agree on scope for a shared project. Explicitly define your team's playbook and processes. Build an agreement for internal SLAs. Share mentorship relationships on your personal profiles.
Connected feature, features page sobol.io

Decisions should not scroll off the top of the screen.

Communications platforms like Slack and MS Teams are the glue of your team's collaboration, but some conversations require more structure and context. Make decisions aligned to the map of your business and change your strategic drivers, structure, and working agreements with confidence
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Share Sentiment

How we feel is an incredible signal for positive change. Every map block in Sobol can receive sentiment, and route it to the accountable person who can action it.

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React. Discuss. Propose

When opportunity emerges, have a discussion that drives towards a resolution. Sobol posts engage the right people to make a great decision together.

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Declare Decisions

Decisions create alignment, clarity and forward momentum. Sobol makes it simple to capture decisions made and review them when needed.

additional features

The flexibility you need.

Multiple views sobol.io features

Multiple Views

Circles, Tables, Node Explorer, Map, and Directory – Visualize your organization in many ways.

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Robust Search

Find whatever you need with ease – no matter if it’s a user, Team, goal, role , or agreement

Custom fields & templates sobol.io feature

Custom Fields & Templates

Sobol is built for your unique way of working. Change just about everything with multiple custom field types and templates.

Transparent change - sobol.io homepage feature

Change Logs

Sobol keeps track of all changes in your organization. No more confusion about who did what, when.

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Get notified about changes to Teams you choose to follow and choose how often you receive those notifications.

Project lifecycle status - Sobol.io feature

Lifecycle Status

Track growth to maturity patterns of projects - with clear milestones and status visibility.

Public view sobol.io feature

Public View

Display your Sobol circles view to the public. Select the information to showcase and easily share with a custom link or website embed code.

Sobol.io multi organization view


Easily switch between multiple Sobol organizations with the same login information.

Open API function Sobol.io feature

Open API

Integrate Sobol with any of your apps – our API is built for ease of use.

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Sobol.io background element circle large

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