About Us


When we say the Future of Work is Teams, we mean it. Sobol isn’t about us as individuals. Sobol has “founders” but they are not any more or less important than anybody else on Team Sobol.

We’re a group of people, from different backgrounds, who seek to help build a decentralized and humanistic workforce.

When we were younger, we pretended we were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We still enjoy finding that childlike joy of the world. So below is the best photo we could find of the founders and the first engineering hire:

Our Mission


We read about organizational leaders’ disdain for bureaucracy and corporatism, but we see little action to make change happen. We’re about empowering that change. Startups are “fun” because they naturally operate with Teams. When they grow, hire former management consultants, and don’t take the time to nurture their Teams, the startup Teams turns into teams. Employees might stay handcuffed to their equity, but the enjoyment of their job dissipates. We’re here to help keep your Teams from becoming teams.