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New paradigms of work require new ways to visualize and run organizations & DAOs. Sobol maps accountability across your entire ecosystem so Teams can move fast with alignment and trust. hero image for website homepage. Org Chart Template. org chart software
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Move Beyond Chat Servers & Wikis

Jai Bhavnani

Use the Tools You Know & Love

Your digital transformation has been a journey and an investment. Sobol supports your current software suite making it easy to adopt and keep your maps up to date
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Simple Sign-On and
Directory Sync

Integrate with Discord or your member directory service for automated user provisioning

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Chat & Communications
Hub Integrations

Bring the power of Sobol into your
already existing hub of communications and collaboration

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API for Custom

Anything you can do as a user in Sobol can be done programatically through our well documented API

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Easy as 1-2-3

Rolling out a new tool or platform doesn't need to be hard. Sobol makes it easy to transform your organization's approach to accountability and alignment with 3 simple steps. Embrace where your Teams are today, visualize where you want to be tomorrow, and commit to change with confidence.
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1. Map Your Current Structure

Get a clear view of your organization's current state of accountabilities, invite your team and gain insight into your team alignment.

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2. Align Your Goals

Get aligned on what's driving your organization forward with a connected map of all your teams goals. Get clear on how goals serve one another.

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3. Form Agreements

Add explicit agreements around working methods and decision making processes where cross-Team collaboration challenges persist.

Ready to step into the Future of Collaboration?

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The Value of a Great Coach

Sobol is part of a balanced organizational transformation 'diet'. No software tool can transform your Team overnight and Sobol is no exception. Our customer success reps are here to help you get set up and share helpful tips on getting configured for success.

If you'd like to really accelerate your Team's journey, we'd recommend connecting with one of our experienced coaching partners. Learn from the patterns and frameworks they've seen work and go even faster

Meet The Coaches
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